T & A Sawmill, established in 1997, is a family owned and operated business.  T & A Sawmill is located in Western Oklahoma, just outside the small town of Arapaho.
Although located in Western  Oklahoma, we primarily use and sell, Eastern Aromatic Red Cedar.
Eastern Aromatic Red Cedar was originally transplanted, to Western Oklahoma, to create windbreaks and secure topsoil, during The Dust Bowl.  Therefore, it is abundant in this and the surrounding areas.
Due to the negative effects this species has on farm and ranch land, most farmers pay someone to remove the trees.  They are then piled & left to the elements or burned.  They become useless!
This is where T & A Sawmill turns a negative into a positive.  We remove the invasive species and put it to use.
Eastern Aromatic Red Cedar, after being milled, becomes beautiful, fragrant, useful lumber.  It can be used for cabinets, countertops, window sills, log siding, mantels, beams, stairs, decorative implements...
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